The main goal of Global Connections Television is to provide quality international education programs to people in the United States and worldwide in order to promote a greater understanding of the importance of international events and activities and how they impact people around the world.

Global Connections Television (GCTV) Programs are provided to you at no charge and are available for broadcast on your media system, under the following terms and conditions:

- GCTV offers its content under a "fair use" guideline, and does not expect financial compensation for the use of the material. However, it is asked that material provided to you from GCTV is used within your regular programming operations, and is not re-sold or redistributed to third-party vendors for commercial purpose

- You must give all appropriate credit, attribution and reference to GCTV where applicable, as well as provide a link to the license. You are free to do so in any reasonable manner, provided that it does not suggest GCTV and its guests endorse you or your programming.

- You must not remix, transform, superimpose, build upon, or make any contextual changes to interviews in a way that may distort the original material. Reasonable edits (e.g. airing only part of the interview) and/or adjustments are permitted for editorial purposes only (i.e., color adjustments, sound edits, excerpts that do not take quotes out of context, etc). If any unwarranted edits and/or adjustments are made, you may not re-distribute the modified material.

- You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the GCTV license permits.

- You acknowledge that GCTV retains no liability or responsibility for the views expressed by its interviewees. In addition, you acknowledge that GCTV retains no liability or responsibility for any harm or damages that your use of the material may create.

GCTV reserves the right to revoke these freedoms if these terms and conditions are violated.