Global Connections Television Honored

Global Connections Television (GCTV, in international competition, in2010 won the bronze Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation -UNCA Global Prize.

Global Connections Television was selected because several program interviews focused on sustainable development and climate change. Bill Miller, creator and moderator of GCTV, said, "The main goal of Global Connections Television, a privately funded internationally-oriented talk show, is to help American and worldwide audiences understand how international issues impact their lives. Climate change is probably the most important international issue since all 7 billion people on the Earth may be adversely affected by it."

Bill Miller, producer and moderator of the television show Global Connections Television (GCTV) joins co-host Andrew Koltun to discuss GCTV and his work at Kentucky State University to launch the first and only American international public administration course focusing specifically on the UN -“The United Nations: Public Administration in the International Arena.” Why is the course unique, and where does it fit into the future public administration education?

The US Congress has a unique opportunity and responsibility to both assist people living in dangerous, war-torn areas, as well as helping the US achieve many of its foreign policy goals through sufficient funding for United Nations peacekeeping operations. The UN Charter, adopted on June 26, 1945, in San Francisco, never mentioned the word “peacekeeping.” Regardless, UN Peacekeeping Missions, the first of which was launched in 1948 as a UN Observation Mission to monitor the Arab-Israeli conflict, have become the linchpin of international efforts to promote peace, stability and security in some of the most dangerous areas of the world.

If someone in America listened to right-wing talk radio, Fox News, the Heritage Foundation or the isolationist wings of various political parties, one might erroneously surmise that the United Nations is useless, ineffective and is usurping US sovereignty, none of which would be correct. A recent poll indicates that those myths are not accepted by the bulk of the American public.